Waiver & Consent Release: This release limits your right of recovery of damages in case of an accident. I acknowledge that there are risks and dangers involved in the participation in an event such as car/truck shows. I hereby release, acquit and forever discharge and indemnify the owner, process and operator of the event for any loss, expense damages or injury arising from my participation in this event regardless of negligence. I agree to hold harmless Relaxed Atmosphere and or Oregon State Parks & Recreation division or their owners, lessor, officers, agents, employees and representatives from any liability claims, demands, action of right of actions whatsoever of any kind of nature in law or in equity. Relaxed Atmosphere retains the right to remove individuals as necessary. Upon submitting my application for entry of the show, I agree to abide by the show rules and regulations as stated by Relaxed Atmosphere, and accept without reservation the decision of the judges in determination of the winners. Permission is hereby granted to use any photos, vehicle or person and information pertaining to my entry in advertising releases. Permission includes after show magazine articles, DVD productions or website publications. By placing this order I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations and understand the waiver & consent form